Innovation is the key word of our work. Our LED lighting products and applications are the result of study and research. We look for the right solution either for urban contests, and for industrial areas. Our wish is that innovation and technology bring to LED lighting energy and economic saving.
Using the international Total Reflection patent, we can guarantee visual comfort and overall uniformity.
Our product are conceived for different applications and contests: LED street lighting, LED industrial lighting, LED lighting for tunnels and for sporting areas.

Prodotti Arianna

Filter products

Petrarca Tunnel

Small, modular and competitively in price, Petrarca tunnel is designed to optimise heat dispersion. Reflection technology patented.

Phileo mini

Phileo mini ideal for cycle-pedestrian tracks, neighborhood streets, squares and historic centers, in general for all applications that require low powers

Phileo street

Phileo street, corpo illuminante con struttura modulare in grado di soddisfare tutte le esigenze illuminotecniche richieste.

Phileo tunnel

Phileo tunnel is perfect for replacing existing lamps and capable of reaching the high power required for reinforcement lighting of up to 50,000 lumens.


With light flows from 2,000 to 150,000 lm PETRARCA ensures the right lighting for every large space and every situation. Patented reflection optics Innovative aerodynamic thermal project Compact and modular projector


Discover our new LED lighting family products. Snell comes in different versions for street, tunnel and industrial applications. All you need is Snell.

Snell street

Snell street comes in different versions. As well as the post and outreach arm versions, it also comes in a cable-mounted version.

Snell tunnel

Snell is the luminaire for permanent LED lighting in tunnels. The optics are designed to reduce glare and guarantee uniform lighting on the ground.


Teseo is the LED luminaire for flodlighting towers lighting roundabouts and for support lighting in urban and suburban tunnels.

Teseo street

Teseo is the LED luminaire for use on floodlighting towers for roundabout lighting. Teseo produces a ring of light focused on the road without wastes.

Teseo tunnel

Teseo-tunnel- is the LED floddlight for city and suburban tunnels. It exploits the international total reflection patent.


MODULAR LIGHT THAT RESPECTS TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS The modular light designed for installations in historic areas.