Norway a sport lighting contest


The focus that inspired the competition for sports in Norway is been looking for a new technology that reduces energy costs.

Energy Optimal, a Scandinavian lighting company, confirmed its partnership with Arianna from Padua. The new project wants to reduce consumption and provide new modern and easy to use quality lighting in the local sports fields.

The collaboration, already widely tested, between the two leaders of the sector has devised a sports lighting system capable of improving the vision for players and spectators, reducing consumption and maintenance.

The companies are going to offer for the contest that will expire on August 25th this winner formula. Floodlights, installation and remote control for the value of about € 60,000 for a football club in Norway. Sports clubs wanting to participate in the competition have to express their interest by 25 August 2019.
To participate in the contest

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The € 60,000 prize is made of extremely efficiency last-generation Arianna products, Datek remote control, Smart Elektro assembly and energy costs up to € 2500 by LillestrømBanken.

The illuminated field will become a safe meeting place and pleasant location to spend evenings.
Arianna’s optical system with reflectors will ensure zero glare play. 

But not only that, the specific calculations, by lighting designers who are experts in the sport lighting, will guarantee a vision without glare to the public . The Petrarca‘s modularity , the product chosen for the competition, and the different optics available combined with each other, will ensure focused lighting only in the field, without waste of energy, and creating an effect that makes the field for spectators spectacular.