Lights on Rome


In 2016, in Rome, a project began to replace about 70,000 luminaires – entrusted by ACEA to Arianna spa – following a series of tenders that called for efficiency, a reduction in power consumption and special consideration for the city’s extraordinary urban context.The old discharge lamps have been replaced with LED lamps as part of a wide-scale lighting project across different levels, for maximum results with minimum impact.

The first tender in 2017 involved the replacement of 7,000 suspended lights in the centre of Rome, Lungotevere and Trastevere, places where lampposts cannot be installed for historical reasons. Arianna focused the work on traditional 150 or 250 watt light fixtures, which were replaced with the new generation 49-watt Arianna Snell LED luminaire, ensuring high quality lighting and annual energy savings of € 500,000.

At the end of 2017, ACEA then received the first supply of Phileo luminaires, the new modular combination designed by Arianna, to replace around 50,000 functional light fixtures. In the areas adjacent to the historic city centre and in the Rome metropolitan area, Phileo and Phileo mini are being installed in four power ratings, with optics specifically prepared and combined to optimise power consumption, meeting the ACEA design requirements. The different optical configurations, were created by combining different modules, drive currents and even LEDs, so as to deliver exactly the required amount of light to the city of Rome’s streets and walkways.

In 2018, the partnership with ACEA has expanded to include tunnels/underpasses of particular importance for safety reasons. The project will see the replacement of 7,000 luminaires, once again using the Phileo solution, specifically tested for tunnel applications.

This street light tender is particularly significant, with ACEA requiring an innovative solution applicable to the “Rome-style street lamps” that characterise the city’s historic centre, a requirement that Arianna has responded to with Margot: a solution that provides a new optical engine with LEDs and power supply, more reliable and efficient in preserving the artistic context. The approximately 9,000 fixtures have all been set with a more specific shade of light than the peripheral areas, with a warmer colour temperature and significantly higher colour rendering index.

Arianna luminaires are now ready to light up the lives of 3 million people and almost three thousand years of history”, the Arianna’s founder Alberto Giovanni Gerli commented with pride.