Tauranga Harbourside Netball


The collaboration between Advanced lighting technologies (Tauranga, New Zealand) and Arianna spa (Brugine, Padua) has been a successful synergy. The new technology by the Padouan company has been tested in the 10 Netball fields of the Tauranga sports complex in New Zealand.

An extremely innovative lighting system that allows the elimination of shaded areas, guaranteeing extraordinary visibility even for “high speed” sports.

The modularity of Arianna’s sports projectors makeS them the ideal product to ensure maximum energy savings by improving visibility for players at night, creating an effect that makes the playing field spectacular for viewers.

The Petrarca sport product 6 modules with Asymmetric optics is the product chosen by New Zealand engineers and Arianna lighting experts for the Tauranga Netball fields. The results measured after installation are very satisfactory, and also ensure excellent high-quality video footage.

Projects abroad continue thanks to the success achieved: a strategic technology, a new generation of lighting with infinite combinations that allow high precision lighting, consumption and safety solutions.

In recente years Arianna has achived the second international place for tunnel lighting, a very difficult and complex application in which safety is the main objective.