“GreenLight” the new challenge won by Arianna


In 2016 the Anas’ Board of Directors, in the objective of reducing energy consumption for lighting in tunnels, has approved the project called “GreenLight”.

Italy, for its particular topography, is the European country with the highest number of tunnelsAnas, on the basis of the analysis conducted, has identified 708 tunnels they manage, with outdated lighting systems, to be tackled as a priority.

The project involves the replacement of obsolete lighting fixtures with latest-generation LED luminaries with integrated control systems able to monitor consumption.

The tunnels affected by the project of energy efficiency are present throughout the italian territory: 39 in Sardinia; 49 in Sicily; 92 in the North West; 65 in the North East; 145 at the Center; 112 in the Tirrenica area; 89 in the Adriatic area; 117 in Calabria.

Just in Calabria in these days they begin the substitutions of the first luminaries, site 6 (macro-area Anas of Calabria), that includes the whole route of the A2 “Autostrada del Mediterraneo”. The contest was assigned to the A.T.I. Sielte S.p.A. and Tekno-Ele S.r.l., that choosing Arianna spa as a lighting partner, they have guaranteed an energy saving of 40.909%.

The projectors that Arianna proposed for the “GreenLight” project are Phileo tunnel (single and double) and Snell tunnel. Particularly suitable for the characteristics of efficiency and reliability. These luminaries, turned on 24 hours a day for the permanent zone, they are supported by reinforcement systems, turned on for 12 hours a day, to increase the visibility and avoid light swings the entrance of the tunnel during the hours brighter.

The Anas’ Greenlight project, it is aimed both at reducing consumption, but also to the increasing the safety level  inside the tunnels thanks to a better visual comfort on the road surface.

The Arianna lighting fixtures, which exploit the international patent in total reflection, they ensure a system efficiency above 150 lm/W and a peerless visual comfort.

Another time Arianna has proved to be the ideal partner for technological and innovative lighting in the tunnel.