Moriago della Battaglia (TV) - Arianna LEDReliability is one of Arianna cornerstone while designing and producing high quality luminaires.

Arianna guarantees that the Products are made in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, which are free of defects and are guaranteed for 2 years, providing performance in line with the technical features that characterize them.

Here at Arianna we do our best to bring the right light in all contests with an innovative technology that ensures significant standard of saving energy. As an additional sign of reliability and professionalism, Arianna extends the warranty to 5 years.

5 years extended warranty


5 year warranty represent for the customer the certainty to trust on sustainable and trusted lighting solutions. Not words but deeds, safe installation and guaranteed reliability.

The warranty extension operation is subordinate to its activation by the purchaser of Arianna products, by compiling and forwarding the form below. The extension of warranty activation must take place within 90 days of the sale of the Products invoice date.

Click here to view the document extension of the warranty to 5 years

In absence of activation of the guarantee extension, in case of complete failure completing the activation form and in case of exceeding the maximum working hours limit, products are still covered by the warranty of 2 years from the date of delivery (Click here).