The Arianna light project focuses on visual comfort because it stems from research into the needs of man. The eye that observes the world, that seeks security and that focuses its attention on objects is the real measure of the light experience.

We have chosen to adopt a strict environmental policy that revolves around saving energy. Our patents are the expression of our decision to optimize every fragment of energy, capturing it and multiplying it, in an interplay of mirrors focused on helping the landscape evolve without violating it. Arianna’s smart technology rationalizes the light fittings and minimizes light pollution, lighting the ground uniformly while stopping light being wasted skywards.


Our work ethic is founded on honesty and transparency in our dealings with clients and suppliers like, delivering on our promise of clarity of information and verifiability of each and every document. Because there’s no greater motivation for the work group than producing quality designs, committed as we are to improving lighting.

Here at Arianna, we tackle each challenge with an innovative approach. Our products and applications are the result of in-depth investigation and research, they are the culmination of a design process aimed at honing the shape of the light fitting so that it sits well in an urban space, providing it with a new identity. Energy efficiency and cost effectiveness remain primary concerns throughout the process.

Diversity means synergy and contamination with other sectors. It’s what encourages us to push the boundaries in our work because in order to innovate, you need to keep a keen eye on what’s going on outside your own box, ready to soak up input from other worlds.