We closely monitor every stage of our luminaires’ production process: from design to manufacture all the way through to their final sale. This is the only way to ensure high standards of quality. We see the Made in Italy label as a strong plus point and endeavour to ensure every step of the supply chain is based here in Italy.

Here at Arianna, we devote special attention to the specific needs of each project, coming up with solutions tailored to the individual requirements of each site and each situation. Each element is designed based on lighting engineering calculations with attention to the tiniest detail to ensure that the resulting installation delivers in terms of performance. We also assess what changes may need to be made to systems to cater to real needs with efficient solutions.

Arianna is a public limited company with major multinationals among its shareholders, underpinning our commitment to quality and development as a leading name in the market cultivating an international reputation. At the same time, we’re also a small business, meaning that our industrial processes are driven by the actual people who develop the designs. And this is why each project represents a new experience working alongside the local authority or contract or company who recognizes us as a partner capable of expressing genuine values.

Light is safety. For anyone living in an urban space, for anyone travelling along a motorway or a country road, for anyone crossing a car park, a train station, a warehouse or a playground. Whether lighting a workplace or a city street, Arianna is fully committed to its mission: protecting the quality of life by making people’s safety a priority.