Company profile


Arianna spa is a company specialising in the design and manufacture of LED luminaires that exploit the international patent on total reflection. Our solutions are designed for tunnel, street and sport lighting. Our systems bring significant energy savings and ensure high standards of visual comfort.

Light looking forward

At Arianna, we develop innovative processes that bring together two seemingly different worlds: electronics and astronomy. The unique feature of our lighting systems is our international patent on total reflection, registered in 2008, which has revolutionised the optical principle of diffusion in traditional lighting.
Technology, innovation and energy saving are the guidelines that have always represented the basis for what we do, allowing the company to grow. Our research is the starting point for the development of products that increasingly meet customer demands, following an approach focused on continual improvement.

Success stories

Founded in 2009 by Alberto Giovanni Gerli, Arianna is today a limited company whose majority shareholder is CAREL spa, an Italian multinational specialising in electronics for air-conditioning and refrigeration, and who for Arianna represents a solid partner in terms of industrial know-how.
Product certification and awards received guarantee the quality of our work and the reliability of the products developed for public and industrial LED lighting.

A small team, a great team

Over the years, we have organised our business into departments, with key figures for each area of operations: technical, sales, marketing and design of lighting systems. Regular meetings and training sessions, together with common objectives and values, are the foundations of our team work, in which enthusiasm is the driver for achieving the best end results.
Each individual plays a fundamental role through what they bring to the team. We are a close-knit group in which discussions between members are the spark for new ideas. Diversity is the basis for our growth together as individuals, and as group.

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