Iso 9001
ISO 9001

Arianna means quality. This is certified by EN ISO 9001:2015, that is the standard for The Management System for Quality recognized at international level. Adopting The Management System for Quality means set rules and procedures that give the possibility to manage more efficiently structural, humans and economic resources through a careful planning and supervised activities. This certification confirms the operation mode of Arianna in line with a series of standards that relate to the management system for quality: an organizational structure that businesses take to better target the company to achieve results in line with market expectations. ISO 9001, among the possible certifications , confirms Arianna’smodus operandi: a management model that leads to continuous improvement and sees customer orientation and satisfactionstaff involvement and planning strategiesbased on the facts.

ISO 14001

Arianna is also attention to the environment. This is certified by UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, the internationally recognized standard for Environmental Management Systems. Adopting an Environmental Management System means managing the environmental responsibilities in a systematic way contributing to sustainability. This certification confirms the desire of Arianna to reach a balancebetween environment, society and economy to satisfy the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.
ISO 14001 is the certification that confirms Arianna’s modus operandi about the environment: a model which prevents and mitigates negative environmental impacts, a model that controls the way in which the products and services of the organization are designed, manufactured, distributed, consumed and disposed of.



The family products Phileo, Snell, Teseo, Lola and Deflecto, are in accordance with the security requirements provided by ENEC mark.
Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of Arianna’s lighting fixtures. The entire production process is made in accordance with safety standards and in compliance with the requirements. ENEC, European Norms Electrical Certification, is the high quality European Mark for electrical products that demonstrates compliance with European standards (EN). The certification in recognized by European Union countries ,by EFTA one, and by some oriental countries. This mark is born from LUM Agreement, in CENELEC environment, took place on june 1992, with the aim of identifying a single European label regulations relating to lighting fixtures safety. For buyers, international certifications of quality are assurance of achieved standards.