“GreenLight” the new challenge won by Arianna


In 2016 the Anas’ Board of Directors, in the objective of reducing energy consumption for lighting in tunnels, has approved the project called “GreenLight”. Italy, for its particular topography, is the European country with the highest number of tunnels. Anas, on the basis of the analysis conducted, has identified 708 tunnels they manage, with outdated lighting […]

Arianna ottiene la certificazione ISO 14001


Adopting the Environmental Management System ISO 14001 means managing the environmental responsibilities in a systematic way, contributing to sustainability. This certification confirms the desire of Arianna to reach a balance between environment, society and economy to satisfy the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. “The ISO 14001 certification is […]

Lights on Rome


In 2016, in Rome, a project began to replace about 70,000 luminaires – entrusted by ACEA to Arianna spa – following a series of tenders that called for efficiency, a reduction in power consumption and special consideration for the city’s extraordinary urban context.The old discharge lamps have been replaced with LED lamps as part of […]

Merry Christmas!


We remind you that our offices will be closed from 24th of December to 6th of January.
Arianna team want to wish you merry Christmas and happy New Year!

Arianna lights on France!


Arianna realized a project in collaboration with Aplyled, that involved the upgrading of the lighting system of the Municipality of Motey-Besuche, in France.