Tunnel lighting solutions



The use of the total reflection patent in tunnel lighting makes Arianna luminaires stand out from all the others: performance, for both counterbeam and symmetrical/ asymmetrical lighting, is assured by careful design and is certified by third-party organisations.

The optics of the luminaires, designed in- house at the Arianna design centre and comprising only premium components, ensure high-quality, robust and reliable products, especially suitable for obtaining the objective of “zero maintenance” in such demanding environments.

Tunnel brochure 2018

Using the various patented optical designs, we can come up with a “lighting response” to the eye’s progressive adaptation inside tunnels.

For its reinforced lighting solutions Arianna has chosen counterbeam optics, giving a distribution of light in which the maximum intensity of emissions is aimed in the opposite direction of traffic.
By eliminating the vertical and symmetrical components from the light emissions, the resulting beam generates much higher luminance levels, for the same power, than different types of optics; consequently, the design lighting specifications can be achieved with much lower power consumption and thus lower investment costs in materials and significant energy savings.

For permanent lighting, Arianna has optimised its technology to ensure visual comfort and energy efficiency.
The possibility to choose between a wide variety of symmetrical and asymmetrical optics guarantees the right lighting in terms of glare and uniform efficiency in all road and motorway applications.

The tunnel lights are designed to interface with the remote-control modules.


Remote monitoring is designed to ensure a greater level of safety within tunnels,  while allowing for considerable savings on system operation and maintenance costs. Safety and efficiency: a winning combination in the field of tunnel lighting, which Arianna has managed to accomplished by applying its patented technology to cutting-edge systems.